Mac Gaming! Vulkan Coming To Apple Devices | iPhone X – 3 New Models Incoming!

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More games will be playable on the Mac and IOS devices if Khronos group have their way thanks to the Vulkan Portability initiative which aims to allow developers to easily port games built on the vulkan API to run on Metal and DX12.

Apple will be releasing 3 other iphone x models this year according to rumors, to spur the sales of the new Iphone x device. This includes a larger display model and a cheaper device too, to cover more of the available market.

Lastly colorful will add AM4 400…


  1. Linux OS’s are great, but the barrier of entry is still too high. It’s not something you can sit down and be comfortable with in a day or two without someone helping out. Yes there are plenty of vids, but it’s not the same.

    I find games that list Linux compatible normally run faster in a Linux environment than in Windows, as it uses software and hardware resources so much more efficiently. AMD is astonishingly faster game wise, with 4GB 580’s keeping pace with 1070’s and both Vega cards being close to or sometimes exceeding 1080ti performance.

    Still, for the general public that is intimidated by a PC with XP, Linux still has too high a learning curve. When someone can sit down, and in 4-8 hours be able to do what they want without constantly having to watch a video or read 5 pages of instructions, then I can see far more people being willing to switch.

    Most ppl started with XP now-a-days, not 98, or 95, or a 3.1 shell, so the knowledge just isn’t there. 99% of users don’t know what an irq conflict is, never mind how to fix it.

    In certain use case scenarios, you should absolutely use Linux (servers, mining, databases), but for general ease of use and compatibility (along with support), Windows is usually the way to go.

    Hopefully Linux will get there, but it’s not there yet.

  2. The point of good porting tools from Vulkan is to encourage developers to code for Vulkan first and then port out to other APIs when necessary. This is a sensible approach for developers since Vulkan has mulitplatform support to begin with, including all recent versions of Windows. Even Microsoft's own DirectX12 has worse support on Windows than Vulkan. With these new tools for porting to DX12 and Metal there is no reason not to work primarily with Vulkan.

  3. The iPhone 5c or iPhone 'Cheapy' as most folk seem to know it, had one MASSIVE fundimental flaw. It has 8Gb of internal storage, at a time when most users were complaining about 16Gb not being enough, as is a minimum. You'll also notice the iPhone 5S released at the same time is still 'current' when it comes to software and apps, where the 5 & 5c are out of there.

    So its not that it was a bad idea, its just that they took the piss. The iPhone SE was there next attempt, where they did not screw the basic features (cpu/gpu/storage) and its worked much better and is still very popular. Thus the upcomming SE-2… SE-X anyone?

  4. It seems Vulcan might really be relevant unlike Mantle. If so, Radeon cards might gain more relevance again…if AMD can produce enough for miners and gamers and fix power consumption…

  5. no way i would pay $1000+tax for a phone like that so your looking at $1200 in the us . let alone the rest of the world i would rather get a better phone for far less

  6. Linux and Android users are definitely gonna be extremely jealous of Apple products getting Vulkan support Since Vulkan can definitely run games better than DirectX and ORIGINAL OpenGL.

  7. 4:35 "According to Neil Trevett who is the vice-president of Nvidia mobile eco-systems and also Khronos group president." – How ironic. AMD asked Nvidia to participate in Mantle, Nvidia refuses, AMD makes it anyway, later gives the code to Khronos group and the president is working for Nvidia. He's probably impartial but makes you think.

  8. Colorful motherboards / graphics cards are available to order on aliexpress with international shipping. Its a good source of hardware for countries/regions where such gear is hard to find.

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