Lifetime iPhone User Switches to Android: Regret? | Galaxy S8 Review

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Lifetime iPhone User Switches to Samsung Galaxy S8 (and Android): 72 Hours Later (First Impressions/Review)

Here are my thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S8 after using it for 72 hours straight…from a lifetime iPhone user’s perspective!

What do you think of the S8?

Galaxy S8 Review After 3 Months:

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  1. UPDATE: After 3 months, my thoughts have changed. Here's the follow up video –>

    Since a lot of comments are pointing out the same things, let me clear them up.

    1. Yes, I really have to hold the phone up high to register my eyes because I use my phone while standing (standing desk) 90% of the time. So my natural position to hold the phone is directly in front of me (at eye height), not looking down at it.

    2. Yes, animations are faster when changing from 1x to 0.5x. I've done this already and noticed animations are snappier. Nice!

    3. Yes, YouTube audio pausing when clicking a link is a massive pet peeve of mine. And yes, if you have YouTube Red, the audio continues to play after clicking a link on Android.

    Why do I like the audio to continue playing? Because I watch a lot of podcasts and videos that don't require always watching and when I click a link I want to keep hearing it.

    4. This was never supposed to be a full review. Just simply my impressions after 3 days.

    5. Thanks for watching!

  2. In 3:00 you don't know that you can speed up the windows opening animations it even can be in the speed of eye plink ? wich exist in the setting with no root or programs .. and i didn't continue the video who knows what other thing you still don't know about samsung device's ?

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