JAILBREAK News | Zer0Con 2018 The Pangu Team & More

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JAILBREAK News Zer0Con 2018 The Pangu Team & More


iOS 11.3 Beta 4 is out What’s NEW ?

Top 3 Apps Worth Downloading


  1. You gotta step it up with the content. The past couple videos haven’t been good/interesting. It seems like you’ve been putting out low quality videos just to stay relevant and have something to post.

  2. Looking for a 11.2.6 JB I see a bunch of videos but I tend to follow you to JB, my device already Jailbroken now on 10.2 I do not want to upgrade unless its a legit JB

  3. Sir ples help my mobile to panga error not fix
    Try all solution
    To.panga ipa instal and remove topanga click failed reboot error sir pleas solution
    My iOS version 11.1.2
    All ipa 1.0 topanga error
    IPA 1.0.2 topanga error
    IPA 1.0.3 topanga error
    Only work b1.03 work with cydia but some time use my mobile freeze
    I instal b1.03 with cydia
    And after jailbreak i instal 1.0.2,1.0.3 all ipa
    Freezing error and repatriation.rapo error canection refuse error pleas help sir

  4. Hopefully they actually release it instead of saying that its possible and just not doing anything other than showing us that they can jailbreak and keeping a very useful tool to themselves without releasing it to the public so everyone can enjoy jailbreaking (AHEM KEENLABS IM LOOKING AT YOU)

  5. iDeviceHelp I need your help please I accidentally deleted cydia icon on my jailbroken device on 11.1.2 how can I recover the cydia icon back I try to jailbreak my iphone again again with the Electra and it said already jailbroken but I don't have the cydia icon it;s missing thanks.

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