iPhone X vs. Galaxy S9 Plus vs. Pixel 2 XL: Speaker Test!!!

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Time to see is the audio camp between Galaxy S9 Plus, iPhone X, & Pixel 2 XL

Galaxy S9 Plus:

iPhone X:

Pixel 2 XL:

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  1. But you have a chance to cover the second speaker of S9+ and iPhone X while not in the Pixel 2 because the two speakers are front firing. Also you can use a 3.5mm on iPhone and Pixel 2 by using the supplied dongle.

  2. great video as always, just one suggestion; if you could show different parts of the videos all together by switching the audio rather than showing the whole clip then it would be easier to notice the difference. In this case I could easily differentiate the S9 but couldn't pickup the difference in iphone x and pixel.
    I hope you could understand what I was trying to say. πŸ™‚

  3. Is the audio output any better than last year's Samsung phones? iFixit teardown shows the same audio codec as the 835, was hoping for better. This applies to the Snapdragon version of course, Eyonx uses Cirrus.

  4. Many reviewers praise the Pixel 2 XL speakers as being the best without even testing and comparing them properly, like you did in this video.
    The S9 is definitely the winner IMO, with louder and significantly richer sound.
    Great video, thank you!

  5. Nice video, thanks. Can you do another using these same devices, but for music? Reason being, the IPhone X and Samsung S9+ deliver their audio with the ear speaker producing the treble/highs and the bottom firing speaker for bass/lows; while the Pixels front firing speakers are identical. With all phone lying on a flat surface, it would be nice to hear how they perform playing the same music.

  6. A better comparison would be using actual music to test these phones speakers. Music that has a consistent tempo to test the lows, mids, and highs. Using movies as a benchmark skews everything to only differentiating the mid frequencies of the speakers and some highs. So I would say dont take this video seriously as an accurate measure of which of these speakers are the best.

  7. I've tested the S9(+) in the store a number of times, and I must say that the speaker is on a completely different level. It's so much fuller than anything I've heard on any phone before, not to mention loud even in a really noisy environment.

  8. Samsung smokes the competition with its stereo speakers while retaining the audio jack the others 'had to remove to make space for dual speakers and other components'. Brilliant xD

  9. πŸ˜‚ I like how you didn't play music as the S9 sounds bad compared to the iPhone X and Pixel 2. Oh… still with the outdated headphone Jack while everyone else including Android has moved on. Welcome to wireless 2018.πŸ’―

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