iPhone X vs 8 Plus: After 2 Months

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iPhone x vs iPhone 8 Plus comparison review after 2 months of real-world usage.
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  1. Hey man good video Keep up the good work. I was hoping you could watch one of my videos and maybe give me some feedback so maybe one day I could be as good as you! Thanks

  2. Make it sound like $799 is a cheap option lol cheaper maybe but definitely not cheap

    And u guys forgot to mention really the only thing that makes the iPhone x slightly better…..the oled, everything else is literally preference if my 8 plus had oled screw the x in every way

  3. Although the X is 5.8 inches, it’s actually smaller in usable space than the 8+, which is 5.5. The Plus is wider and has beneficial usable screen real estate. I had the X and returned it for the Plus.

  4. Went from a 7 plus to an X. The 7 plus was just way too big for me plus it felt a little cheap with the weird back finish. The X definitely feels premium and you get used to no home button after a few days.

  5. I don’t miss the home button at all, I love FaceID & the overall firm-factor of the X. I upgraded from a 6 Plus, & I gotta say, the X fits so much more comfortably in my pocket than my 6 Plus ever did.

  6. At the end of the day it’s all about price and preference. I left my note 8 for the iPhone X . And I talked so much shit about the iPhone X , and now it’s my daily driver. I love it. And I bought the 256 GB space grey . It’s nice.

  7. The Ten dont have a bigger screen than the Plus for me, bc the Plus has a wider screen than the Ten. That counts, not a longer screen, bc a wider screen is more usefull than a long but tight screen

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