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Who’s ready for an iPhone X UNBOXING, SET UP & COMPARISON?! Today’s finally the day we’ve been waiting for: it’s time for an iPhone X unboxing and set up and a quick iPhone X comparison to my iPhone 7 Plus! In this video, we’ll do a full iPhone X unboxing and review of my initial thoughts, we’ll briefly walk you through the iPhone X set up and unboxing process, and I’ll share some of my first impressions with an iPhone X hands on review! I hope you enjoy this iPhone 10 unboxing…


  1. Yo! Looks sweet! I have a question about lighting! In the video you mentioned what you had set your white balance and then I realized i dont know what you use to light yourself in your office space or in your unboxing space. I checked your gear but the only lights I found were the colour changing ones you have. Do you use an actual LED pro light of some sort or are you just using house lights or something? Im in the market for some pro lighting (especially something small portable and easy to use) that I can take with me to do photoshoots or to use on video projects where manually lighting it is required! Got any suggestions?

  2. Every time I watch an unboxing video, I want to get the X! Still debating if it’s worth the upgrade from the 7Plus. But I guess I’ll have to wait and see how it compares ?

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