iPhone X Screen Size Compared To iPhone 8 Plus SUCKS

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The iPhone X is smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus, but it has the largest iPhone screen Apple has ever made, in this video I will go over the differences between the two displays.

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  1. I have the iPhone 7 Plus rose gold 128gb but I’m not going to get the iPhone 8 Plus it’s no different than the iPhone 7 Plus the 8 Plus just have glass in the back of the phone so i preordered the iPhone X last Friday can’t wait to get it

  2. Every time a new iPhone come out every year people be on YouTube talking bad about the new iPhones then they preordered it y’all knew what size the screen was on the iPhone X before y’all preordered it

  3. The difference between an OLED screen and LCD screen is marginal when view on a smartphone. The iPhone X is just a taller version of iPhone 6/7/8. For viewing movies the Plus is still the best iphone. Also you don’t have that ugly notch. I am pretty sure the next iPhone will remove this notch and this iPhone X will be worthless.

  4. Your right. The screen on the X is too narrow. I've played with both phones. All YouTube videos are cropped, so what's the point of a long screen ? I cant tell the difference between screen quality either. They should have come out with a small/no bezel 8 plus, that would have been ideal.

  5. I bought the IPhone X and I'm returning it today. I hate it. I haven't traded in.my 7 Plus and I think anyone who has a Plus will hate the X. It's too small, too much of the screen area is wasted I don't want have to swipe up when I use face ID. Im probably the outcast on it here. But it's going back and I'll wait for the X Plus in 2018.

  6. Thank you for this video. It helped me buy. I chose the 8 plus. I didn't know that the screen was narrower. I love the wider form factor of the plus. All everyone is raving about is the x that the plus seems to be forgotten. Loving my 8 plus. I had the iPhone 5s before this so wanted the biggest viewing experience.

  7. Thank you for pointing this out. That’s the problem I am having. I like the plus screen. Other youtubers are too busy trying to fool Face ID and playing with Animoji and not talking about difference of screen.

  8. Thanks for the review. You confirmed what I saw at the Apple store today. I was disappointed with the smaller screen size of the X compared to my 6s plus phone and the 8 plus. Right now the 6s plus and 8 plus is more of an ideal size to watch videos and movies. I don’t like the notch, very distracting, annoying. I’m so disappointed. I was ready to buy the x on the spot but I held back. I felt like I was giving up screen size. Trust screen size is extremely important. Apple has shot themselves in the foot with the X. So disappointed.

  9. I am waiting for the sore Android fanboys to criticize the young man for shoving the Pixel phone out of the way. Wait for them… they are coming… wait…. butthurt trolls incoming!

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