iPhone X review — is it worth $999?

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Apple’s highly anticipated and long-awaited iPhone X is finally out. We got our hands on one and rigorously tested everything we could with it for over a week. Here’s our review, and final thoughts, on the device.

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  1. Ive had an iPhone X for a week too and you do NOT need to hold it up to use face ID. It just look at it. You dont even have to wait just swipe up and it’ll already be unlocked by then. Its faster than touch id too

  2. List of Bull Crap that he listed

    First off, this isn't a review. A review is where you show the positives and the negatives in the same light.
    Also, I do not have any personal hate towards this guy, or the channel. It's just really stupid that they make free ads for apple.
    By all means this is a good phone, tho I personally cannot stand iOS but that is a personal opinion. The screen looks cool, it has wonderful cameras but putting the phone into the best light possible is not what I came here for.
    Bull Crap
    -Face ID isn't being tricked. Well of course dead ass, apple isn't stupid enough to release a product that does not work
    -"Face ID works -Nearly Flawlessly-" So, it does not work all the time?
    -"Works in a variety of conditions" So, it won't work in sunlight, when I am not directly above it etc?
    – "You have go get used to a couple things" Like putting it up awkwardly infront of your face?
    -Why not use what everyone else has? Swiping up for home screen, swiping another way to change apps… Apple has to be the special butter fly amirite?
    -"You should definitely switch to the iPhone 10" GJ.

  3. let me fix the title for you.

    iPhone X review — is it worth $999 + 600 dollar glass replacement fee for a phone that breaks its glass after 2 drops?

    btw wtf is wrong with that screen? its not a rectangle.

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