iPhone X Review – Compared to 7 and 8 Plus, Upgrade Recommendations

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Buy one at Apple – (affiliate link) – I take a look at the brand new iPhone X and offer advice on upgrading from other iPhone models. See my recent iPhone 8 review: and subscribe! — Video index below:

00:53 – Pricing
01:36 – Hardware specifications
01:43 – Display
02:26 – Size comparison with iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8 Plus
04:12 – Thoughts on glass design
04:22 – Wireless charging
05:14 – Face ID – facial recognition
05:45 -…


  1. Cute baby… and I don't like babies. – High end phones will continue to get more expensive because there are plenty of people who will pay for the status. I expect the high end market will eventually reach $1,500 to $1,800. Fortunately mid and low range phones will be more than adequate for most of us as the smartphone market is maturing. Look for phones to become the everything computer as they are able to connect to a screen and keyboard while remaining in your pocket.

  2. I don't get it they claim it's a bigger screen but it's basically the same as a regular 8 when you watch videos and photos ??.
    And everyone says $1000.00
    But really you buy the 256 and add apple care them tax + a case and the better chargers to have the complete package and it's $1600.00 ouch no way that's ?

  3. I like to keep a phone for years. I will never own another oled phone due to the horrible color shift after the first year. If apple switches to oled over ips, I will switch back to android.

  4. Apple is running out of ideas. Animojis…get real, what adult is going to use this crap? The notch is obtrusive. Its definitely not worth the money. Not as revolutionary as it used to be. I'd gladly switch to Note 8 if the OS was better.

  5. I switched from 7+ to X and yes, the screen is actually little bit smaller, but I would never go back to bigger phone. It is a marvellous beauty. 7+ and I suppose 8+ look so old tech design wise 🙂

  6. Great job thank you. On the display will it show the battery percentage like my 6 Plus?
    One reason I haven't upgraded Verizon will only move my contacts to a newer phone, how do you move all your content from one phone to a new one? The day they let me move everything from my old phone is the day I will upgrade, like pictures, music, I books, notes, etc.I don't have it in me to start setting up a new phone to my liking at my age. Thanks and keep up the great work I enjoy your reviews. ?

  7. How does Apple Pay work without a fingerprint sensor? Do I have to look at the phone while holding it next to a compatible NFC reader? I like the X's form factor and extra screen resolution, but the "look to unlock" function is a major turnoff.

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