iPhone X Plus LEAKS! Gold Color, Specs & Nokia 8810 Returns!

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First iPhone X Plus Component Leaks, New Specs, Gold Color, Dual Sim + Nokia 8810 Returns, Apple Headphones, AirPods 2 & More Apple News!

Last iPhone X Plus Leaks:

Martin Hajeks Concepts:


  1. So finally apple catch up with features and adapting… they been so lazy, bout time the failed X got the badly needed upgrade… i dread to think what the cost will be… it still wont be worth buying $1000 for the X wasnt justified …

  2. I'm waiting for a flip phone that opens to give a larger screen or one that pulls out for video and internet use; but is still small enough to fit in you hand for phone calls/fit in your pocket easily. Until then I'll save my money and hold onto my S7 EDGE as long as it still works. Anything I can't do on my S7 EDGE, I can do on my 27" IMAC.

  3. I wanna buy the 6.1 inch iPhone cause it’s so worth it like you have good specs, a great camera a pretty good screen and a large screen like OMG that is like so worth it

  4. So… for the same amount or possibly more money than it costs to get an iPhone 8, you can get a phone that has a bigger screen but lacks a fingerprint scanner and no dual camera or wireless charging

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