iPhone X Comment Q&A! iPhone Giveaway?!

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So you guys always ask a TON of question in the comment section and I love to read and answer them as much as I can. Keep them coming because I do read them and I do enjoy answering them. As for this video though, I took the top 5 questions that I was consistently seeing in the comment section and answered them all in this video. All of them are quite simple and there are even links below where you can get more information about what I am talking about 🙂

Anker Karapax Case:…


  1. Would truly appreciate it and it would help me a lot to win appielm325@gmail.com always wanted a iPhone X, but i can't afford one always overlooked and ignored to win 🤞📲🙋 would truly mean the world to me please I would help out me and my family, please i don't have a phone my old has broken. My parents can't afford it and i want to show them that i will arrange my own business. I have watched this video a million times don't wanna make no mistakes and also to have a better chance on the iPhone X. I watch my PC the whole time to be the first to watch and like your videos, and to be the first to comment.

    11-1-2018 S3 NEO RIP
    Instagram: risiwest
    Country: The Netherlands
    I will pay my own shipping costs, i will borrow it from my friends, because they know i don't have any money or a phone. Please I can't do it anymore without a phone. I always watching your videos. I love your videos, because you're the realest youtuber i ever knew.. I always watch your videos, because you're the realest, I have know you for long on youtube.

  2. Done! Loving your channel!
    I hope I'll win because I never experienced of having a decent phone in my entire life. I promise to promote your channel if given the chance to win 😭
    Ps: This would be the best debut gift 💖

  3. If you receive Samsung s9 can you do camera comparison? Bcz they have added aperture(manual) so what difference it makes. Is that cool or again behind than apple ? 😋

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