iPhone TiPs & Tricks: Blocking Caller ID and Forwarding Calls

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Many people have been using iPhones for years, and still a lot of people don’t realize they can block their caller ID or forward calls to another number simply and easily. Here, Daniel takes a closer look at these two settings.

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  1. Hiyaaaa! Thanks for sharing! Since you are on the topic of business; have you heard about " Vidadsmedia Mobile Business Review " (do a google search)? My BFF had some dealings with them and was impressed by their super system and the ease of usage! 

  2. @ChesseHead101 i have the same problem and i found that when i put ones in front of the numbers, they showed up on caller ID. however, when i received texts the names of the contacts did not show up, just the numbers lacking the one in front of them

  3. Can someone help me with my problem? Whenever some calls me on my iPhone it doesn't show their caller ID. And I'm trying to fix it by seeing who calls. But I really don't know how. Can some please help!? Thx

  4. yea i already know that. but in my phone in the 'show caller id' section it is turned ON and cannot be switched off/on. it stays on as default service provider setting. do you know how to bypass that? lemmo know if you do. thanks

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