iPhone SE iOS 11 All Day Battery Test! [VLOG #16]

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Hello there everybody, and welcome to this iPhone SE iOS 11 Battery Test. In this video blog we will adventure out throughout the day and give you a real world look at how the iPhone SE performs on battery life using it on full brightness, LTE, and location GPS settings on. The purpose of this video is not to give you a scientific result. However, to give you a look at how the iPhone SE would perform on a typical day if your out and about. Battery life is never conclusive, so this content is…


  1. I love the battery life on my SE. being a college student having this phone allows me to go all day without charging using pandora heavily. Once it lasted 24hours (with not so heavy use) still I was shocked how long this phones battery life last. Best phone I’ve ever had.

  2. I would love to trade the gf for her phone. I had the se and then wanted a larger screen due to driving for work. Easier gps and all. But now she has the SE and I have the 6s Plus. Kinda want to switch it up for a bit but problem is I don’t have a case on mine and have never dropped it. She has about 7 cases and is on her 5th or 6th glass screen protector already. She is a clutz.

    And maybe in the next all day video you can clear all recent apps and then at end show what all apps are open? Idk I don’t care either way just an idea.

  3. In fact I just subscribed to your channel for the iphone S E free but I saw 3 of your videos and I realized that you are a quality youtube by your originality and good content I wish you the best and I hope you soon have 1 million subscribers
    greetings from Mexico

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