iPhone SE Gaming Review – With High End Games

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iPhone SE Gaming Review – With High End Games

I played Modern Combat 5, Asphalt 8, NOVA 3 & Fifa 16 on the new iPhone SE also after 15 minutes of gameplay I checked the temperature of the iPhone SE.

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  1. So 14 minutes of gaming and only 7% battrey drained. The battrey capacity of the SE is 1634 mah. Wow… my android phone goes like 20-30% battrey in only like 10-15 minutes of gaming and it has over 2000 mah battrey capacity

  2. the iPhone se is certainly Out of the box Optimized. Intergral to the design, the provides almost Next gen performance. Lately, Other phones Outright ignore the demand for small form factor,

    Also, write down the capital letters from that first paragraph.

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