iPhone: Fix Touch Screen is not Responding Properly

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See why and how you can fix the touch screen is not responding properly on the iPhone.


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  1. Thank You !! for sharing where the connection – issue is.
    – That is "doable", for me …
    There is a saying "Don't try this at home" … that may apply for others.
    Audio is fine, as well is your voice. Clear direction too.
    Lighting and view, camera placement could stand adjustment.
    Sharing is the gift,,,thanks again.

  2. I have tried to watch 7 'fix unresponsive phone screen' videos and all of them suck! WTF? Write down what you're going to say or if you cannot speak have someone speak for you!!!!Ugh!

  3. Thank you very very much!!! I used this method and now touch screen of my iphone 5c works perfect. Also my phone was turned on while i repaired the same…

  4. Also, make sure your screen doesn’t have a plastic protective sticker on the back of the screen or the connectors. If it does, remove it and wipe down really well with rubbing alcohol and a qtip. I had this problem on a 6 plus, took it apart, removed plastic, wiped down, worked perfectly after that.

  5. please help guys on my phone only some part of the areas does it work when im trying to write my passcode it wont work down the middle yet it lets me press the numbers on the side please help

  6. Im not opening my phone because i don't know what im doing even if i watch you do it and my phone will open apps when i want to open a an app other than the one its opening and im actually typing this on the phone thats having the problem sometimes it will allow me to do what i want sometimes when i want to open youtube it gets its own authority out of nowhere and decide to open the compass or notes or safari

  7. My phone has done this where the thing at the top kept coming down over and over it was really pissing me off it stopped later that day but now I CNT play my game because stuff at the bottom is working so I have to flip the phone and now he stuff at the top isn't working and my çew button Dosnt work

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