iPhone 8 Screen Protector and Full Body Skin Installation – PhantomSkinz

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Pro Tips
• Use a credit card as a squeegee.
•Install Ultra Clear and Matte Finish skins in your bathroom after a steamy shower. This will eliminate all of the dirt and debris floating around in the air and allow for a clean installation.
•Use wet squeegee/credit card to remove dirt and debris from under the skin. DO NOT use tape on the adhesive.
•Air and water bubbles smaller than 1mm will disappear within 24 hours after installation. Please be gentle with your device during this…


  1. Just installed the UltraClear screen protector with the Matte/frosted back to my HTC U11 and it is most definitely top quality. Couldn't believe how easy it was to install. The Amazing Silver U11 looks sweet with the clear, frosted back. It makes it less slippery and less of a fingerprint magnet. It still has a nice shine and looks natural, like there isn't a back skin on it at all. I have pics on the XDA HTC U11 forum if you would like to see this beauty. I'm gonna try the UltraClear back next, I bet it will look just as natural. I will report back when I do with pics.

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