iPhone 8 Plus vs Galaxy Note 8 SPEED Test

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Apple iPhone 8 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Speed and Performance test, Fingerprint unlock, Camera launch, Browser, Apps, Gaming Speed tests as well as RAM management.
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iPhone 8 Plus has the Apple A11 Bionic Chip vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with the Exynos 8895.

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  1. OK! For me the winner is Note 8, but I can’t buy one. Why? Cuz I have a Apple Watch and I don’t wanna sell it ? and I love Apple Watches ? but love the Note 8! Argh, is such a difficult decision.

  2. It’s just to tell you that on sheet it doesn’t matter what the numbers are. until you put them in a real world test and the results came out totally different than what’s on the Geek benchmark test especially with the multi core score .

  3. More ram does usually equals more apps running in the background which makes more sense .although the iphones have been doing well at running the apps in the background without reloading .better than the 6 gb ram ,4 gb ram and 8 gb ram on android devices. So I’m kind of shocked as well that the iPhone 8 has to reload some of the apps in the background.

  4. Every app on ios is optimised according to apple ecosystem whereas in case of android there are many manufacturers and many different models . And one more thing that iphone 8 plus charges more money than note 8 and doesn't provide more ram, battery , oled screen, 4k display, bluetooth 5, lte cat 16, nfc etc etc

  5. don’t get me wrong, i do love the note 8, but in about 3-4 years, the 8 plus is gonna be much faster than the note 8. i still have an iphone 5s and it’s pretty quick for a 4 year old phone but just last year i was still using my galaxy s5 (it was 2 1/2 years at the time) and it lagged a lot and was very slow. so i upgraded to a S7 edge last december but i regret. it is already giving me problems like constantly restarting on its own (ic power issue), while my 5s is still perfectly fine, just that the battery’s a bit weak. i’m thinking of getting an 8 plus soon

  6. The benchmark result is very strange. iPhone got twice as much points as the note 8. But note 8 was in many cases not slower as the iPhone. I assume these tools are not optimised for Android like other famous APPs like YouTube and so on.

  7. Who cares what will happen in future ? Why only assume iOS will be optimzied and not Samsung's Android? The conclusion is pretty lame ; when iOS wins these tests no one spends five minutes talking about improvement s that MAY be coming to Android that MAY change the result

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