iPhone 8 Plus vs Galaxy Note 8: Pro and Con Comparison

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I’ve had the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for about two weeks now and I’ve spent several days with the iPhone 8 Plus and I love both phones, The Note 8, with the S-Pen and all the powerful productivity features are very compelling, while the ease of use, simplicity and surprisingly, the design, of the iPhone 8 Plus in Space Gray has me really feeling like that might be the right phone, too.

Which phone to choose? are you trying to decide between the iPhone 8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8 or are you…


  1. Can you expand the iphone' s memory ?
    Doesn't it got s pen ?
    Does the iphone got headphone jack ?
    Can you connect a portable hard drive or usb stick easily and very cheap to iphone ?
    Has it got fast charging or fast charger in the box ?
    Does the iphone got bigger screen for such a large device ?
    Can you do multi tasking with iOS?
    Can you customize the iOS like android ?
    Does iphone comes with 2 good assistant or not ?
    Who gives a sh..t to benchmarks ,phone has to be practical !!!

    For every f…g thing you need to connect the iphone to iTunes etc .
    I would go for note 4 rather than iphone 8 or iphone x
    Apple is fucking greedy …..

  2. I think you're sincere even if many others don't. End of the day it's your money and only you can decide how you want to use it. The Operating system matters the most after money for me. I believe I can get a better deal on the Note 8. Some US companies are offering a discount on it outright between $150-$250. I'm guessing there is more to it in the fine print. The trade-in offers for having owned a Note 7 or various other phones seem pretty straightforward. Don't think I've heard anyone complain about Samsung cheating them on it, doesn't mean it hasn't happened. I prefer Samsung operating system over IOS hands down, but if Apple ever offers me a better deal, I'd have no trouble pulling the trigger on it. Mainly because I always plan on having a backup, plus you can return any phone you don't end up liking usually within a few weeks. You also have to the option to sell it…usually at a slightly lesser price though. Personally if I could really afford both or already had both, I'd probably keep both of them.

  3. apple is old news any feature they introduce is at least 5 years old .this is my main reason for not wasting $ on apple outdated technology. a lot off PEOPLE afraid to admit that.there are better phones than the note 8 and iPhone x .Japan is 7 + years on tech stuff .

  4. The iPhone 8 is more powerful than the Note 8???. I hate to disagree with you, but It was you that just said how FEATURED PACKED the Note 8 is, was it not? The Note 8 is that way compared to any other device, but especially so when compared to a IPHONE. What would you say if the iPhone had features compared to the Note 8? You would throw the iPhone off the wall out of frustration with its performance. I have been bashing Samsung for years over its performance. I'm honest when it comes to these devices as well. Performance wise, HTC has always been my go to device. I always get a Note and HTC'S flagship of that year. So I know how horrible Samsung has been over the years. The Note 8 is different, this thing is a POWERHOUSE. PEOPLE, if you want REAL FACTS, search YouTube results for iPhone 8 vs Note 8 and vs Oneplus5 speed test on PHONE BUFF. You will get hands on performance between the almighty iPhone and 2 Android devices there. Not some bull crap App that gives you some delusional scores.

  5. i just want a phone with GREAT battery ? that takes GREAT pictures ? feels light in the hands, and wont slow down or act wierd after a couple months of usage or after an update. iv never had an iphone or a samsung phone, iv only had $100 phones (currently using a zte zmax pro) and im not a game user. i only use the basic apps like instagram, youtube, facebook, snapchat, kik, ect.. i use my phone ALOT so what phone should i get?

  6. So true iPhone just playing catch-up & if U want fast charge your iPhone 8 U got to go and buy one from Apple for £50 while Samsung & all the other smart phones makes that have had wireless charging for years now include the fast charger wall adapter in their boxes. So I call it iPhone 8 compete ripoff cheers

  7. Really like the style you employ. Relaxed, down to earth and honest. I watch a lot of very good people like Mr Mobile The Tech Chap etc, slick and smart guys. However you give a feeling of (to quote another name) the average consumer, the struggle the man in the street has to make informed choices about often very close quality products. Much appreciated ??

  8. I like both apple and Android but don't know which phone to get .I need one of the larger screens because my eyes are crap so my choices are one of the following iPhone 8 plus ,note 8 ,s 8 plus ,pixel 2 xl or lg v30

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