iPhone 8 Plus Spigen Ultra Hybrid 2 Case Review!

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iPhone 8 Plus Spigen Ultra Hybrid 2 Case Review!

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The Ultra Hybrid 2 features reinforced camera protection and buttons but with the same clarity and protection as its first! Its hybrid makeup is perfect for clear-case enthusiasts that long to enjoy long-lasting clarity with all-around protection. The new and improved PC back is designed to leave…


  1. I got this for my new iPhone 8 Plus, the case is great, but the only thing that annoys me the most are these two holes in the bottom corners! Dirt gets inside really easily, so I need to take it off my iPhone to clean it.

  2. Hey what’s up , so I got the 8 plus (silver/white) and I got this same case , just red around the sides . How’s it holding up and does it protect your phone well ?

  3. Great video! How is the case holding up? I have one for my 6S Plus and the sides have like a light yellow tint. I have been using the case daily since I bought it around six months ago. Going to upgrade to a 8 Plus and I'm looking for a case.

  4. You are awesome!!! I have the same gold version. I bought an iPhone case in the sand dune color but I really want to show off my backing 🙁 so I really wanted to see what a clear case looked on my iPhone 8 gold

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