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iPhone 8 Plus Gold Unboxing! I am IN LOVE with my new iPhone 8 Plus in Gold! Let me know in the comments below if you’d like to see what’s on my iPhone 8 Plus as well!

♡SNAPCHAT: JenniferJessen
♡INSTAGRAM: Jenniferrjessen
♡TWITTER: @JenniferrJessen


  1. It’s so so so pretty. I actually have the iPhone 7 but I do want the 8 plus gold your are so so lucky😷 I want your phone just the way it is I’m so obsessed 😍 love the case you have !!

  2. My mom ordered my iPhone 8+ and it was gonna come today but they ran out of gold so I have to wait till they get a shipment of gold phones so they can ship it I can’t waittt!🤪

  3. i am in need of an upgrade now i have a broken iphone 6, im really thinking of getting the iphone 8+ in rose gold as well! it looks so pretty😍😍

  4. I have the iPhone SE right now and I'm getting the 8+ soon and I've been watching unboxing videos and I'm really excited to get the 8+ bc I've had the SE for over two years

  5. Jennifer this was an awesome unboxing Video. You are absolutely radiantly stunning in every possible sense! I seriously feel you would be the standard for all beauty gurus because your make up is the best that I have ever seen! I love Zagg screen protectors they do wonderful with their products. I hope to see a Boyfriend Tag

  6. love this video and your what's on my phone video! x subscribed! <3 Could you please help? I'm planning on getting the iphone 8 plus but I'm hesitating between the space grey and the gold because of the front , is it better in black or white?

  7. I have the iphone 6s as of now and i was thinking of getting the iphone 8 plus like you but im scared of going to the bigger size. what are your thoughts switching from the small one to the plus?

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