iPhone 8 Plus 4K Cinematic Video Footage (camera test in Los Angeles)

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Another year, another iPhone. I went to Los Angeles and I tested out the new iPhone 8 Plus. Apple said they improved the sensor and that is true. I was super impressed by the colors this iPhone is able to pull out. Dynamic range is also very impressive and finally the second camera was improved at a point where you can actually use it for video. Bummer it doesn’t have OIS like the iPhone X.
Another thing I noticed was how the sensor…


  1. If someone can help me. For some reason when I use this app on my 8+ the video comes out blurry. Just maybe I’m not using it correctly or my settings aren’t correct on either phone or app

  2. Wow, this is just amazing!! Did u slow down the movie somehow? There are some parts of it that it really looks slower than regular footage, although not β€œslow motion”. How do you get that?

  3. That's awasome!!! Can you make tutorial how to make cinematic movie like that by using this phone? Pleaseee because I want to make a fan-movie and I've got this phone but idk how to do that cinematic style :C

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