iPhone 8 Plus 10 day later!

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In this video, I talk about my last 10 days with the new iPhone 8 Plus!

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  1. Thank You, Jay, for your video, I do respect your point of view, but I also would like to think loudly, and I let you know my humble thoughts, I started being Apple user since my first iPhone3GS and Macbook Unibody 2008, since then I fastened by Apple's products Big time. I used to upgrade unconditionally from 4 to 4S to 5 to 5S to 6 to 6S and then I stopped. From reading many reviews I discovered that Apple gives us a beta product and a real enhanced product. iPhone 4 was a beta product, iPhone 4S is the real product because it was enhanced more developed. iPhone 5 was a beta later that year Apple gave us iPhone 5S which was a better phone than 5,4S and 4. I learned that Apple will give us a beta as the best phone yet to come and a year after they will claim they have invented the Phone of the Year. In my opinion, everything inside iPhone8 should be already shipped with iPhone 7, why Apple has waited all the time to just upgrade 20% of the iphone7 and call it 8.
    I only upgrade from S to S model. Yet I have accidentally broken my iPhone 6S Plus, I wasn't even going to upgrade to 7 Plus but I didn't have any chance to stay with broken iPhone. Plus I slow noticed that every September of every year all the old iPhone become slow, and my friends think their phones become slow and maybe it's time for an upgrade; when I had the Iphone6sPlus I totally ignored that slowness and as soon as the new iOS updated around Jaunary 2017 my iPhone6SPlus worked like a charm.

  2. I'm going for the X. Keeping my 7+ for now. I'm use to having a Windows Phone so finger prints and face unlocks are pretty much meh…so I'll probably be using a PIN.

  3. i had a 6s then temporarily a 5s 16gb and to me this 8 plus is a big enough upgrade. i might not trade this in next sept if theres no pin to unlock on the xs. but i loveeee the 8 plus battery!!

  4. Great video man! I’ve been an iPhone user since the 4 and I currently have the 6s plus. I’ve been thinking about upgrading and the 8 plus has been on my horizon for the same reasons you stated on this video. Maybe this will push me off the fence to get the 8 plus lol!

  5. I would not suggest to get the 8 if you have a 7 plus, i mean, if you have plenty of money then get the x, otherwise save your money, there is not much difference. I mean you have the same software. I respectfully disagree. It’s like saying you buy xbox one then one s

  6. iPhones are getting really boring still don’t know why they just didn’t call it a 7s plus because that’s exactly what it is. Maybe the x will be a lot better

  7. Dude, I promise you, face unlock will be faster than the pin. You do not have to wait for the unlock animation . Just pick the phone up and swipe up just like you did with swipe to unlock.

  8. Thinking of getting an iPhone 8+, but I’m fighting hard on getting rid of my IPad Air 2… I feel like it’ll be a lil redundant, also have an iMac, I know they all have their purpose, but what are your thoughts J Williams?

  9. I grabbed one today J. Dubb. I'm still gonna get the 10. But I can't wait to try out those cameras. I'm not a big wireless charging person, but it's nice to have. I haven't opened it yet. I have the gold 256 Gig. Off hand J. Dubb, would u happen to know if the 7 plus silicon cases will work with this phone?

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