iPhone 8 / iPhone X: Best Fast Chargers – SAVE $$$!

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A hands-on look at three iPhone 8 & iPhone X Fast Charging solutions. Save money by going with a third-party charger! Subscribe ► | Read full article ►

Aukey fast charger:
Anker fast charger:
Apple fast charger:
USB-C to Lightning Cable:
Apple 12W Adapter:

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  1. chargers break, buy a new one, repeat, tries to fix it, dies, buys a new one, repeat, repeat, repeat, when are apple's stupid charger's never gonna break? and chargers that i got from target were better than the original 50$ apple charger… BS

  2. do the third part adaptors such as the aukey/ anker ones you suggested also support the qualcomm quick charge standard? Cause i have an android and my girlfriend has an iphone so does anyone know if the charger would be able to fast charge both devices?

  3. So I’m going to be getting the X soon and I’m confused on the fast charging still. If I get the Aukey brick can I still use the standard usb to lightning cable to have fast charging or do I need the usb-c to lightning to have fast charging

  4. It's so fking stupid that apple announces "fast charge" and doens't even have the power brick necessary for it to work and the new powerbrick has Usb c standard why the hell not change the lightning cable to usb c in all of their devices, usb c is way better then lightning.

  5. i´d like to know what happens after 30 min with each one, which one comes first to 100 % battery and how much time does it take for each of them all to reach 100%.

    As i have seen the only advantage is when it comes to 50% charge then the speed slows down and you only save like a half an hour for full battery charge.

  6. U do not need usb-c cable at all it has been proven! All u need is a fast charger even with usb-a port! 29w charger will not deliver more than 15w into your iphone! Im charging with ue megaboom fast charger and I get 15w with usb-a!

  7. I will simply use my iPad charger as it does almost the same job as those overpriced "fast chargers". 27 vs 46 vs 56% within 30 minutes shows that there is basically no point in getting a fast charger.

  8. Personally for the extra ~10% over the 12w, I don't think I can justify the cost of USB-C adapters when you can easily find 12w's on eBay. How about long term performance? 12w or 29w?

  9. I happen to have a 13 inch macbook pro which comes with a 65 watt usb C charger. Do I still need to buy the 29 watt charger to fast charge my iPhone 8 plus or should I just get the cable? I I use a higher powered wall brick, will damage the battery in the long run?

  10. Good news here. We have more cheap solution to have this fast charging performance for iPhone X. We hack the USBC lightening cable, the price for a kit only need 25 dollars.

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