iPhone 7 Plus Screen Replacement- How To

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Do you want to remove or replace the display on your iPhone 7 Plus? Today we show you how to do it.
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WARNING: Opening your iPhone 7 Plus may reduce the water resistance capabilities of the device.

WARNING: Not transferring the original home button could result in loss of Touch ID functionality.

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  1. Hi I have an iPad Pro 12.9 motherboard (working) without a home button (Touch ID)which I’m going to use to change a motherboard of a non working iPad Pro 12.9. Can I reuse the home button from the damaged one on the working one?? I know the Touch ID won’t work but will it function just as a home button?? And will I get any problems with errors when restoring?? Many thanks jay

  2. What if you accidently cut that black adhesive tape around that metal rectangle? (Sorry for not using the correct wording… Not too knowledgeable in this line of work)

  3. I got a problem reading schematics and for example knowing where the battery pins in a phone are connected like to which capacitor ; component on the board , plus getting the positive – negative – ground .. need some help please

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