iPhone 7 Plus Belkin Glass Screen Protector – Apple Store Installation

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Belkin’s glass screen protector is a great choice for those who are tired of installing screen protectors by themselves. The Apple Store can install it for you. If you aren’t satisfied, they’ll re-install it. A bit pricey though, I paid $40 here in Canada.
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  1. what happen if the screen protector is broken? Can you get another one free or you have to pay for full amount? For example if you install in Zagg for new invisible shield and you break it. Then you bring it back you get for free screen but you have to pay 6 dollars.

  2. How do people still not know how to put on a screen protector perfectly? I'm gonna make a tutorial. $30 for a temper glass screen protector is ridiculous when you have the same exact quality for 1/3 of the price

  3. These protectors are shitty. They installed one yesterday and while i stood in traffic it Gets like 28 dagrees in my car bcs it was sunny and then the protector started to peel off and bends up at the edges ?

  4. This is so unnecessary- glass screen protectors are incredibly easy to apply as long as your hands aren't overly shakey and you can peel it of real quick if you mess up without loss of quality, and most come with adequate supplies to ensure its dust free. And when you buy from the Apple store you are paying a huge price, there are tons of exactly equal quality on Amazon (with lifetime gaurentees for damage) for around $9, don't waste your money.

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