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  1. iLemon My 6+ 1. Does not work in normal speaking mode. I can only have a phone conversation in Speaker Mode. I had the whole display replaced by Apple, no difference. 2. It locks up all the time. Freezes when writing text messages, and while scrolling the menus. 3. It often doesn't alert me of incoming calls, or 4. text messages, and never allows my e-mails to display anymore. I have watched every video on the topics, read many Mac / iPhone forums on the topics, with no results. Does anyone know who holds the record for throwing an iPhone..? I will attempt to break that record, along with my iPhone as soon as I get a new one. I run a business, and feel screwed by Apple. I am also considering switching to a new manufacture, who can build a phone worthy of business communications, because iPhone is not worth the amount of headaches this thing has been giving me.

  2. Was about to break my phone in half if this video didn't help lols. But thank god by switching on/off the iMessage helped. Was about to blame my husband because I thought he didn't pay the phone bill.

  3. Ok so i just got my iphone 7 plus… And i can message all my friends without having my data on and without having wifi connected. Except for one person it won't let me message that person unless i have wifi any ideas for that? i've tried factory resetting my phone that didn't help like i'm just stumped at this point.

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