iPhone 7 and AirPods: what’s in the box

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So you’re getting an iPhone 7, 7 Plus or AirPods? This is a preview of what’s inside the packaging.

iPhone 7, reviewed:
iPhone 7 Plus: our photo field test:
iOS 10: What’s new in Messages:
Apple AirPods:

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  1. Ok so that was no help at all! I was trying to see if the iPhone 7 plus came with standard earphones or the wireless ones? You never opened the box!?

  2. CNET doesnt realize how hard to find are the jet black and plus iphone models! They have them all piled up in the box. "iPhone 7 is a bit smudged and scratched already" CNET c'mon stop pushing 20 bad videos a day and give us 3 good videos

  3. i dont mind apple headphones, i didnt know they were lightning connected so now its no big deal. most people who have an iphone use the headphones that come in the box anyway. no more need to complain.

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