iPhone 6S vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Drop Test!

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iPhone 6S Drop Test VS Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Drop Test + Car Carnage. Is The iPhone 6S More Durable Than S6 Edge?


  1. I bought a galaxy music 5 years ago,
    i still use it even if it has a 3 mp camera!
    People here have to work like 8 months to get an iphone 6s
    i don't really know why you guys do this kind of videos, but you're hurting someone :/ 🙁

  2. @EverythingApplePro can u please do a video on u giving away some iphones and other phones u have to the people that really need them, like the needy and the less fortunate. I am from the caribbean and the people here arent so fortunate and to see u literally breaking them, they would feel SO glad to have one.

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