iPhone 6S Preview

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Pink iPhone 6S? We round up all the reports, leaks and rumors into this easy to digest iPhone 6S Preview.

What will the next iPhones be called? iPhone 6S? iPhone 7? If we follow Apple’s precedent, then most likely, this year’s versions will be called the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus. Sources have it the next iPhone event takes place in September 9th in San Francisco. (UPDATE: Apple has sent out invites to an event on September 9th. The invites say, “Hey Siri give us a hint.”)



  1. They can kiss my ass with that 's' shit✋? wait on the new generation folks. Not worth it. Apple make me mad. Samsung phones got 13 megapixels and more and these mfs wanna have 12. Apple be so fucking behind!!!!! Samsung is way ahead but their phones ok?

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