iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus Water Test! Waterproof?

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iPhone 6S Water Test VS iPhone 6S Plus Water Test. Is iPhone 6S Waterproof or Resistant at all? Impressive Results!

iPhone 6S Drop Test HERE:


  1. My 6S died after just 10 seconds half submerged in a pool probably less than an hour later. It worked just the screen didn't. Now a piece of rice is stuck in the charger port from trying to dry it out but it was in there for 3 days so I doubt it would've came on. Now I have a Samsung Galaxy S8.

  2. Surprisingly i tried the same thing but with the very first iPhone and it somehow survived a whole week after i put it in water for 10 mins. Everything worked until week two struck

  3. This is fake the iphone 6 wasnt designed this way and no i havent put mines in water but my friend drop his in the water by acident and it pass 1 sec and it got complete soak

  4. I had an iPhone 6s.. I think the capability to be submerged in water degrades with phone age. I once dropped it in a toilet.. dried it off and it was totally fine. Last weekend I had to jump in a pool with my 6S in my pocket. Dried it off immediately and it is totally black screen dead. Won't turn on. Clearly, the capability to resist water intrusion degrades with phone age.

  5. El teléfono tiene la capacidad de entrar con cierta cantidad de aire dentro del agua para evitar el ingreso de la misma. Él al momento de presionar la pantalla bajo el agua, hace que el aire salga y el teléfono busque la manera de abosrver más aire pero como está bajo el agua, lo que absorbe es el líquido. Es como que te digan que existe un chaleco con placa antibalas, le quites la placa y esperes que siga siendo antibalas. Si los deja quietos sin presión yo creo que duran mucho más.

  6. I have an ip68 waterproofed phone, the screen got water damaged and went cracy(!) when I had it 15 cm under water for 30 sec, I don't trust Sony anymore, the warranty is still valid tho?

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