iPhone 6S : iOS 11.0.3 vs iOS 11.1 Beta 5 (GM?) / Public Beta 5 Speed Test with Benchmark Results

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So Beta 4 was not the GM after all. Although it showed all the signs.
Apples developers has been working all weekend and since friday
produced a new shiny Beta 5. Surely this has to be the GM release
this time. Still short build number, and no Beta feedback app.
So the Final release should still be just days away now.

So how does iOS 11.1 Beta 5 perform against iOS 11.0.3? Lets test !

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  1. Hey, can we use your 6s videos as a comparison for our iPhone SE‘s? Maybe the exact same performance because of the exact same hardware in this two devices is the reason why you never bought a SE?

  2. i would love some opinions, i have an iphone 6s and still on ios 9.3.2, and i would like to update to ios 11. Should i do it or update to ios 10 or just keep ios 9. thank you.

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