iPhone 6 Screen Replacement done in 5 minutes

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  1. You should really be grounded too so you don’t transfer any static and zap your shit. And like the previous folks said….unplug the power connection within the phone. It’s an easy process. Just be patient and very careful with all the parts.

  2. Thank you so much for this video! Its very easy to do – just super fiddly – if you don't have fingernails for those tiny screws get yourselves some fine needle nose pliers – you are going to need them!

  3. My screen isn’t cracked but it randomly stoppes working even worse, randomly presses in different areas of the screen, turning on apps or whatever, typing in random things when I’m on wapp. It’s annoying af. Will replacing the screen help?

  4. Great vid man thanks for this. You could've been more descriptive about how you were successfully placing the camera and ear piece back in, I had some trouble there. Also you could mention how for the first plate you remove has a screw that is longer than the rest and must be put back in the top right corner. Other than that I had a bit of trouble lifting the tag at the bottom of the metal plate by the home button. Everything else was straight forward and I'm typing this on my new screen! Thumbs up.

  5. Oh in this video I'm gonna show you how to replace your iphone screen…except I'll skip the most important and difficult parts because I'm an IDIOT says the person who made this video. It's easy to fit everything in 5 minutes when you skip half the steps.

  6. Thank you for making this video! You saved me $50 by buying a new screen online and watching your video on how to take the old screen off and then put the new screen on. It was easy to follow and even I could do it….lol

  7. Im sure someone else has already struggled with it and commented on it but when you begin to start putting the top 4 connecters on the order of them matter. They need to be routed a certain way for them to lay properly. eventually you will figure it out because it will really only go one way and work but it was a very frustrating 10 minutes trying to figure it out.

  8. Thanks!   I ran over my iPhone 6 with my 4×4 pickup front tire after the case came off my belt when getting into my truck.  I had it double cased and the only thing not working on it when I picked it up was the screen.  The screen was in a really fast flicker and had a visible crack in the LCD.  I had done an iPhone 5 in the past but quickly found the 6 a little more difficult! Your video got me through it.  It is now working!

  9. If I have ordered the LCD/Digitizer replacement assembly and I use my ORIGINAL home button on the replacement screen you are saying it will Only work as a home button and lose touch id capabilities? OR are you saying if I use the New Home button that comes on my LCD assembly the 3rd party home button will not have touch id capabilities?

  10. Awsm video 🙂 Q:For the first time doing a replacement, the front camera and speaker ain't working D: I redid erything, tried to clip it in again.. STILL not working. Now what's broken? ^^ greetz

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