iPhone 6 : iOS 11 Final vs iOS 10.3.3 Speed / Performance / Benchmark Test

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Today Apple released iOS 11 to the world. It comes with Build # 15A372 so it is the same version that was released to developers right after the September 12th Event.
I have been running it on my iPhone 7 Plus since it was
released, and it runs very nice. But what about older devices that is also supported by iOS 11, how do they run. So in this video I will compare one of the older devices, like the 5S, the 6, the 6S and iPad Air / Air 2 to see how it holds up against iOS 10.3.3. Note that…


  1. Since the iOS 11 version released today was exactly the same as the GM released last week. This video is a remake of the GM video. This video has updated visuals, new music and a little bit voice over at the end. Thanks for watching.

  2. Guys do not fucking upgrade to IOS 11 it's worst then shit, So goddamn slow and shitty and your battery life drains so fast I've experienced that shit
    Here's my advice : DO NOT UPGRADE TO IOS11

  3. Great video! My conclusion is, that iOS 11 slows down an old iPhone, so it's not worth the upgrade… unfortunately, users who don't upgrade to iOS 11 will eventually not be able to use certain apps in the future that are exclusive to iOS 11 or newer, rendering their older device obsolete. ?

  4. This iOS 11 for my iPhone 6 is fucking stuck.
    I'm downing to 10.3.3 right now.
    If you are prefer new theme and screen record and don't care about slow like this video you can go 11 now.
    This is Apple marketing make the old iphone slow down every new firmware.
    Just look back to iPhone 3G at release date it very fast. but right now even iPhone 6 also fucking Slowly….!!!

  5. It's interesting to see all the people saying "DONT UPDATE TO IOS 11 ON YOUR IPHONE 6! IT RUNS LIKE SH*T". The video shows that iOS 11 is literally 0.5 seconds slower to open apps than in iOS 10.3.3. First: it still runs better than most android devices. Secondly, if you cannot handle a 0.5 second slowdown (which in a whole day accumulates to about maybe 50 seconds if you use your phone A LOT) then you most likely never felt that it was running smooth with 10.3.3. Or you have literally nothing else to complain about.

    And remember this is the first release of iOS 11. The following releases will only get better 🙂

  6. Guys relax it's the first release of iOS 11 even iphone 7 is slower than 10.3.3

    It'll get better in future updates.

    It's your choice whether you want to download it now or later

  7. I notice some lag and the apps start slower in iOS 11 on my iPhone 6 Plus?. Battery life is worse?, a lot.
    Probably the iPhone is reindexing…  I'll wait a few days and, if the situation doesn't go better, i'll downgrade to iOS 10.3.3.
    Despite what happen to the iPhone 6 Plus, on my iPhone 7 ? everything works fine, for now. Even battery life.

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