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  1. I over love your videos & i support them . i've had a rough time , but im here ! I would really love the IPhone 6 , but if not thats okay because ill still be here 100% . I've had many issues wit a lot of problems that i've been experiencing & that would really bring joy to my life to have the IPhone 6 , so please help me out , but if not , i still support you ! thanks though . – jada

  2. please consider me I have a broken buged out of date LG touch phone. I get bullied and picked on because of it please I cannot afford iPhones I followed rules thank you if you read this comment. the phone would mean the world to me good luck to ur channel hope it grows like ur golden heart instagram pastel_unicorn_ink ??

  3. When will it be drawn through? It’s against YouTube guild lines to mislead someone with a giveaway that isn’t happening.
    I’d suggest putting the date the draw will happen for this and the Xbox.
    You’ll also be required to post proof that you’ve actually given the items to the winners.
    Don’t be a rice gum, his failed give away is one of the largest reasons his channel is failing, and there and so many tubers advocating to have him removed because he flat out refuses to prove he followed through with the giveaway.

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