IPhone 6 6 Plus Dead. Fixed by Replacing U2 Chip IC.

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  1. Great video. Question… My iPhone 6s shows the charging symbol, but is drawing 0 amps. If I do a hard reboot (2 buttons and continuing to hold them), then plug the cord in just as it is restarting, the phone will enter recovery mode and will charge normally as long as it stays in that mode. Also, if the battery is completely drained and I plug it in, it will eventually start up and continue changing normally. This all started after water exposure, but it is acting more like a software glitch than hardware. Do you think it could still be the U2?

  2. salam 3alikom warahmato Allahu wabarakatoh. Akhi 3andi soal ana aktobo lak min almania. Hal tastati3 an ta3mila li Video watorsilho li ila email  ? Orido an ata3alama Mink. Jazaka allahu khayran

  3. i kept my iphone 6plus in fridge because its wifi button was greyed out somehow, but now it doesn't even turn on, it shows apple logo when i turn it on i tried to repair it by connecting it to itunes but it shows some error plz solve my problem or my parents will not spare me.

  4. hello dear,,,

    i have issue i hope you know what the correct problem to fix it

    my iPhone 6 plus dead while i replaced my display ?
    do you have any idea what will be the exact problem ??

  5. my iphone 6s battery got drained and switiched off and now its not getting started so when i had been to apple service center they advised me for a replacement and they told me about lci triggered………………but thing is mobile felt in water before 4 months back but after keeping in rice bag it was ok and doing good ……but from 4 days battery battery backup was not good and finally on 4th day it got switiched off and not getting started …….can you please help me that either it is u2 chip ic problem or charging circuit or battery problem ………….if problem with u2 chip ic and if i replace it for how many days it lasts ………because again it should not be a same problem ……..and does data gets format if u2 chip ic replaced .please help me out because i am confused wether to repair or replacement ….

  6. Hello,
    I recently replaced the battery for my phone and now
    the CPU gets very hot when i charge and doesn't want to turn on
    can this be fixed ??
    Can i send it over ?? I live in Canada

  7. Hi mate! Can you tell me if might be the same problem with mine? I have an Iphone 6s Plus. The screen went black, no vibration and no sound. I could call the phone but it didn't ring. Can update and restore the software but nothing happends to the phone. No display, no sound, no vibration.
    I tried the screen on another 6s plus and is working perfectly fine.
    You think might be the battery doing this?

  8. help me, i have a problem with iphone 6+, after repairing touch ic and lcd display connector last week, its work for a couple of day, but lately my phone keep restarting when its hot temp and suddenly front camera,headphone jack,and mic don't work anymore. and now its dead :(. right now it can be turned on but nothing showed up on the screen, all was black,but its detected by itunes when i connect it to pc. what could caused it? any suggestion? help me please.

  9. Hi ! Question : My iPhone 6s drop in the water. i try to save it but its dead. What do you think the problem is ? When i open my phone looks like the water was just on top. near the face camera.

    actually the question is can we repair this iphone …….. its been a month since i drop it

  10. Hi man!! Great vid! Question, if phone will not charge & won't turn on with new charged battery, what could it be? Screen works fine, battery just purchased… do you think it's the port? Because it won't turn on even with a charged battery… HELP!!

  11. Hi I have a problem I have an iPhone 6 and when I plug it in to charge I get the apple logo but then the screen turns black and you see that it's on but it never displays any what can it be plz help

  12. Thank you for another great video. I have a question about a repair I need to make. How do you make a decision to change the (U2) U1700 opposed to changing the Tigress U1401? No voltage consumption and no charge. I am a bit confused on knowing which chip to change. Also, Would a Bad PMIC cause same issue? And would one bad IC chip cause the others to have bad voltages?

  13. Hi this video is amazing!! I forgot my iPhone 6s Plus in my pocket while I was in the jacuzzi for about 10 minutes. When I took it out of my pocket the screen was blank and the camera flash was on until it died. Now when I plug in the charger all that happens is the flash turns on very dim nothing else comes on. I don't think anyone here in Toronto can fix this. Have you heard of this before could it possibly be an easy fix?

  14. Hey I have an iPhone 6 and I just got a new battery and new screen replacement. I was watching the guy do everything for me and the phone was dead and he was charging it perfectly fine til it hit about 5% to show me the screen works. The phone later died because I wasn't home and couldn't charge it. When I got home I put it on charge and ever since it died it doesn't turn on. I tried reassembling the screen and the battery nothing works.What can be the problem?

  15. FAKE!!!
    i agree that he fixed new usb ic, but after fixing he shows some other phone working… look at that battery after he fixed and compareb battery with before turn on device to identify minimum sense

  16. hi , i have iPhone 6 plus and cup days ago this one shut off and star get reset … I try to get restored by iTunes … I did completed restored but now just show the apple screen when is staring and get reset again…if ai left alone cup minuted down off the apple screen start to loan them finish and get reset again what I can do my friends

  17. Hey! I have an iphone 6. My problem is: with a new charged battery, the phone is working properly, but if i connect the charger, the phone is restarting, and won't charge.. Is it U2 ic failure? Thanks

  18. I got my iPhone 6 Plus customized by a shop where they change the color of your iPhone by changing the back frame to a different color and they took out evertything from my phone like logic board and all that and switched it to the new frame, the phone was working fine for 2 months and then randomly it started to start acting up like I would use it for 10mins and then it turns off, works for 10mins and then turns off again over and over, the battery was brand new so it couldn't be that and I checked the display and all the cables were tight so can you tell me what the problem is because the phone turns on for 1 second and then turns off but the screen is still on, it just doesn't boot anymore!

  19. my iphone was working w a cracked screen I had it replaced and 3 weeks after I get black screen shows 2 red lines battery and it wont come on…what do you think could be my man….nice vid by the way 6…peace.

  20. Hey, My iphone got switched off while i was i calling and has not been ON till then, tried charging, changing my battery but doesnot work. Can you please suggest!

    Thank you
    Sagar Vijayan

  21. I have an iPhone 6 that was not charging after water damage. Phone could boot with a good battery but could not charge. I tried to replace u2 ic and rehot u1401 ic and now phone is completely dead, iTunes does not recognize it. I try to measure the volts of the capacitors near this chips and no volts, no sigh of life!! What i did wrong? Can you fix this if i send you the phone? What's the possibility to repair this? Thank you!!

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