iPhone 6 6 Plus 6S 6S Plus No wifi or signal, Fixed by a simple IC Reflow

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  1. I srysly need to fix My iPhone six i dropped IT in a elevator shaft around march we got it out the glass is destroyed we repaired IT at a store My wi-fi was working after we turned My phone off it didnt work i am in a different country now we took it to the store the person Said i can fix IT tough the wifi might only work two days or it might not even work he Said trow IT to the garbage now im using iPhone 5s pls how do i even fix this problem

  2. i bought the iphone 6 64gb and i have exactly the same problem, i took the phone to a store for 2 months and they could not fix it. and is not just the wifi, the flash doesn't work 🙁 tell me i'm not the only one

  3. my iphone 6 after upgraded to ios 10 become very weak and when refresh lost many times
    is it hard ware problem or software i used to write code*3001#12345#* but still not useful all times i hope you answer me

  4. I can turn on the wifi but it not connected to any available network. The available network not even listed. It just happen recently. Might the wifi antenna faulty? Thank you.

  5. i can't connect to wifi but my other computers and iPads can like it lets me turn it on just the wifi isn't showing the one I'm trying to access its just blank it says its loading but it doesn't load any wifi networks

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