iPhone 5S iOS 11 Public Beta – 1 Week Later (Review)

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iPhone 5S iOS 11 Public Beta/Dev Beta 2 – 1 Week Later Review

We’ve had the public beta (aka developer beta 2) for over a week now, and here’s how it has been holding up on my iPhone 5S, which didn’t do well on developer beta 1.

iPhone 5S iOS 11 Review:

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  1. It's 2017, we can now record screen activity but we still can't record our phone calls with a native app. "Privacy problems" someone could say. Really. So: an unknown call center operator, calling me without my consent can record whatever he wants to prove whatever he needs, and that's okay ? no privacy problems there. Who am I to decide who can call me on my phone and record my conversation?… BUT, if I want to use a phone feature to record MY conversations on MY phone, no no no ? I can't, because the unknown, unsolicited, anonymous individual calling me on the other side of the phone has his privacy rights. Sounds legit.

  2. I hate it for 1 reason. The list of selectable Bluetooth devices is gone from iOS 11 control center. Now you have to go to Settings > Bluetooth to switch bluetooth headphones. Something that was super convenient has gone back to being super inconvenient. I'm an Apple super fan but I love my music more. If this feature is permanently gone then I'm finding a phone that has it. Suggestions?

  3. Hey Brandon I've been watching every single jailbreak update 10.2.1 and I'm a little confused what the estimated guess is. Is it July or august because of that one guy who I don't know his name

  4. There are so many bugs, like music bug where now playing screen some times not available below when in library in Apple Music.. Orientation bug in whatsapp, camera bug where rear came when launching camera stuck to just a blur frame and does not work then in any mode, have to kill from RAM… And well know issue is recent screen does not kill the foreground app, have to go home and then kill and still sometimes does not…. ?

    Still its on my daily driver iPhone 7…?

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