iPhone 4S in 2017? REVIEW (iOS 9.3.5) (Obsolete?)

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How does the iPhone 4S hold up in 2017?
Living with the 4S for a week:
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  1. Still have a 4s with ios 8 and it was slow on that version but being jailbroken you can speed it up alot , appstore is slow but thats down to apple as the appstore is only a webpage so it could be faster if apple wanted it

  2. I was using iPhone 5S before and upgrade to iPhone 6S. But my iPhone 6S lose and I don't have money to buy again. My friend sell his iPhone 4S Black to me now I using. And camera quality is still good like iPhone 5S but lag and slow after I upgrade to iOS 9.3.5. Overall I think will use it maybe half year more I like it small, back glass like iPhone 8 and easy to hold. Most famous apps such Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc still support. So yeah I'm back to the past…

  3. Things I like about using this phone in 2017 and probably 2018.

    – Small. I can use with only one hand. Meanwhile the other hand is doing… other stuff.
    – It's quite cheap tho. That's why I've got this phone lol.
    – It's good. I'm not too exigent, so, this phone is cool for me.
    – Nostalgic vives from 2011-2013. The best years of my life.
    – I can use it with a cheap and cool cassette case, which is awesome.

  4. Lets be honest here guys! the iphone 4s just can't keep up with all the new apps and is extremely slow. I'd suggest to anyone thinking of getting one in 2017 to NOT get it, it isn't worth it. Get an Iphone which has a 64 bit chip (eg Iphone 5s and above)unlike Iphone 5 and below which run on 32 bits which lags and make your life miserable.

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