iOS Gaming Controller !!! (MOGA REBEL) iPhone 8

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Check out Moga Rebel using the iPhone 6s Plus and NBA2K 16

Moga Rebel Physical Controller For all IOS devices come check out this in-depth Review ! Fifa 15 , Real Racing 3 , GTA San Andreas Demo


  1. Very nice review. Your voice is firm, and is easy for me to hear (it is hard for me to hear some things…)
    You showed all the aspects of the controller and even showed how to connect it.
    You earned a sub. Love your channel, man!

  2. hey what's up I have the Moga Rebel controller and I having trouble connecting it to my iPad Mini with retina display my iOS is 10.3 when I try to connect it it tells me my controller is not compatible do you have any suggestions on how to connect it

  3. Hi has anybody managed to play GTA San Andreas on iOS 10.2 on iPad or iPhone with this controller or any other ,on iOS 10.2 no jail breaking I want to play it with a controller the virtual controls are not good for me I rather use a controller please feel free to answer me at any tome

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