iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak Update! is Jailbreaking Dead ?

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iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak Update! is Jailbreaking Dead ?
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  1. I can only speak for myself, in my opinion I believe the Jail Break will drop soon after iOS 10 is released, I mean I hope I'm wrong but sadly I think I am correct. I am really looking forward to it, I'm still running iOS 8.4 Jail Broken of course, but even still I'm starting to see more and more tweaks/apps in cydia that doesn't support iOS 8 any longer, it says in red that it requires 9.x.x. the community, myself included has to be patient which I know really friggin blows, but that's the reality of it, we're almost in June, only 4 more days as of posting this comment. in closing I'm sure we can all agree that in the end it was worth the wait.

  2. i've used iphones since the iPhone 3G. I have seen the jailbreaks through the years and I really strongly think that jailbreaking is actually dying. Nothing really significant since 8.1.2 /9.0…. Apple seems to really hate jailbreakers and are working so hard to stop jailbreaks nowadays, it's sad really, they don't understand the amount of users that would leave apple because of the lack of jailbreakability

  3. Jailbreak will never die; The problem is that sometimes it takes a bigger timeframe for a complete tool to be created. You need at least 10 exploits for Kernel, iBOOT, SandBox, and so on, you need to bundle Cydia DEB and you also have to write the app so you can get SSH access to pull all the files into /mnt1/Applications and so on which require a lot of work, not to talk about C++ Code obfuscation you need to perform because you don't want your code to be seen by Apple nor by any other copycat 🙂 Let's just be patient.

  4. Am I the only one who has been waiting since iOS 9.2 ? The Jailbreak scene is dead and you can blame APPLE. Steve Jobs used to love jailbreaking and then when he went some idiots took over and ruined the company. I really laughed when I saw iphone SE. One thing I realised while waiting forever for this jailbreak is that stock iOS is shit.I am switching to Android and I really hope google has caught up (I think they actually surpassed). Jailbreakers want an ADVANCED phone and the Androids are jailbroken maturely.

    If we can get the Jailbreak community to go to Android we will have the best experience ever on Android.
    If iPhone 7 turns out to be just okay…then goodbye apple RIP.

  5. I will don't fucking update my iPhone any more if jailbreak drops for ios 9.3.2 Fuck Rotten Apple <3 Pangu <3 Taig <3 Jailbreaking I bought a new iPhone 5s and 5 in 2016 😉 Budget problem for iPhone 6s They both were on ios 9.2 when I bought them We waited so long now I lost my patience and now I'm using my old Android ( Asus Zenfone 5 )With happily rooted customized 😀 . I don't know why I feel very excited when I see Jailbreak Update videos mainly I Watch ICU , Everything Apple Pro , iDevicehelp and iAJ Love these guys! thanks for the update video!!!

  6. my friend I like your videos they are supercool but how long will take you to believe the community is dead if taig or pangu had a jailbreak already be out The question is we will have a jailbreak soon I never

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