iOS 8 Tips & Set Up Part 1: Family Sharing

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In this screencast tutorial I cover how to set up the new Family Sharing Service built into iOS 8. I cover the rules concerning family sharing, how to set it up, what options are available, how to get people into your family share, and the various services family share sets up on your iOS device.

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  1. Hi, I have a question about the extra storage part of iCloud. I have an upgraded amount of storage and was wondering how to share that with my wife. Also we want to see each other's pictures and pages documents is there a way for us to have access to these things?

  2. I have a friend who is wanting to create a separate icloud account for her child to use on her child's personal iPad to keep her from using up all of her storage space downloading many games. is this possible? if so please provide steps? mom is primary account user on 2 ipads. Anyone can help please!

  3. Hey Todd if I am in a family shared account how do I make my own purchase under my own apple account? When I try to get an app the shared information comes up instead of mine. Thanks in advance

  4. Hi! Also, great videos Todd! I just need to know something. If any family member has an iTunes card redeemed or ready to be redeemed, do you still have to pay with the credit card set up by the parent? Or does it give you the choice to pay with either of them?

  5. The problem I am having is when a family member request an app my 6s is so fast it unlocks and I loose the request. Is there somewhere I go to see the request once it is off the lock screen?

  6. hi there! i have a problem. I made "family" with my account, which is a yahoo mail. my wife has an iCloud mail. our family calendar doesn't work.. instead i created a new calendar group and invited her to be a part of it, and this one works. what maybe the reason that the default family shared calendar doesn't work. I m new on iOS .
    thank you.

  7. Hi I just want to know if I can change my account to a another one in my iPad because my mom put hers so now her mail appears in the app mail I realize i need to change the apple account so I want to do family sharing because I have installed allot of paid apps I don't want to loose them

  8. I am trying to make it so that I just pay the 14.99 or what ever and it would allow my brother and myself to download stuff through apple music. I was hoping that i wouldn’t have to pay another 10.00 a month for my brother to use apple music on his device without having to just download things that I have downloaded

  9. Oh poop. I'm in trouble.
    You see, out of curiosity, I downloaded a game called "Doom" on the App Store. It's REALLY violent and REALLY demonic. I did not expect that.
    My dad really wants me to use family sharing, and it says that it allows everyone to see the apps you've downloaded and download them themselves. I do NOT want my Dad to see that.
    Please help me, I'm cornered and I've got no where to go.

  10. If the added family member, has is separate credit card/iTunes gift card can he make purchases using his card rather than asking permission for organizer's card ???
    Please reply!!!!

  11. Hi told, so my dad kinda setup family sharing with me. So I paid minecraft pe on his account but when I changed to mine ( keep in mind that we are in the family sharing family) it said 75idr (which means do you want to buy it) so does it mean I need to buy it again or when I click on it it will say you already bought this app?

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