iOS 8 Pangu Jailbreak Reboot Loop Bug Explained

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iOS 8 Pangu Jailbreak Reboot Loop Bug Explained

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How To Jailbreak iOS 8

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  1. this shit doesnt work for me i tried to restore my iphone 6 plus on the device but it stucked on the apple logo and when i do thjis volume up thing the line pops up and filled for 15% then it turns into apple logo again
    pleaseeeeee help

  2. I need help!! Not just the boot loop but also I cant install tweaks nomore just because everytime I install tweaks it say pangu ios 8.1 removal and I tried re-install it but doesnt let me. Any solutions?

  3. If my phone dies and does this reboot thing, the fix that always works for me is get a flashlight and press the light up against the front camera sensor thing as i am turning the phone on normally.

  4. can you help me my phone was stuck in a reboot so i restored my iphone ย and its stuck on the white apple screen and it has a line under it like its loading something and my phone is stuck on that page

  5. this might help one of you but my phone just had an issue where it turned off then when turning back on it would turn on fine but the screen would just be black. what you must do is get your phone into safe mode. if you dont know how to do it, look it up. and make sure you do it right. 99% of the time your phone will turn on completely fine. go into cydia and delete any dimming apps like flux and dim. activator also. i also deleted bigu and clap in my scenario. then it is crucial to go into your settings and remove your password. also delete fingerprint scanner for the time being. then finally delete a tweak that will reset your phone. remove this tweak and when you reset your phone you should be able to have all things up and running fine again! now you can go back and add your password again and your tweaks. just remember not to let your phone turn off again as this will happen.

  6. So you can keep a pass code if you dont respring anymore and it wont get stuck in a loop. Or can i not have a code at all and it will get stuck even if i dont respring it anymore

  7. so my problem is that after it reboots it says slide to upgrade in white screen. After it upgrades it never goes back to normal. its still in the boot loop and i dont want to restore and update. If this happened to you and you fixed it please tell me how to

  8. I found the solution.
    I had already tried the volume up, volume down, lit environment. And all failed.
    What should be done is the following:
    1- do a clean restore by iTunes.
    2- set the iPhone as a new iPhone without password, or account
    3- run the Pangu, but do not open cydia
    4- restore the backup from itunes
    5- open cydia now.
    6 – set the passwords.
    7 – reboot and be happy

  9. *When you have a loop due to an app (winter board did this to me too), you can boot into safe mode and delete the tweak from cydia. When you restart into the normal mode, it should be out of the loop. You may want to attempt a reinstall of that app, as it is a fixable bug without a full restore.*

  10. dude… my phone got into a boot loop 2 days ago… it SUCKED!!!!… i was told that the new pangu was good with passcode. but no one explained to me the i had to turn it off before a reboot…… i was sooooooo F*&$ING PISSED!!!. took me hours because i had to download 8.1 from apple. anyways … fuck it. i keep my passcode off… and for everyone else…. keep it off.. god forbid the fucking thing decides to turn off. your all SCREWED… lol.. keep it off for now until the jailbreak can be much more stable with passcode on… i mean its ok on… it lasted me about 4 days before going into a never ending bootloop of death!! but its fixed… took about 4 hours to fix tho.. second time around i learned my lesson. and remember!!!!!! APPLE WONT BE SIGNING 8.1 FOR LONG…SO DOWNLOAD AND BACKUP NOW BEFORE ITS TO LATE!!!. your computers need a hard copy.. not a OTA download.ย 

  11. LOL i thought i was the only one that experienced this! So freaking annoying that I had to experience the reboot loop 3 times now! It's annoying that i have to re-sync all my songs and re-download those big file apps! I hope this shit gets patched or something.

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