iOS 7 Secret Settings Hands-On

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Hands-on with some of iOS 7’s secret settings. For more content, check out


  1. its a fricken jailbreak type thing, though i am confused because there is no iOS 7 jailbreak yet, the evad3rs haven't finished it yet… Its some sort of thing from being a developer and hacks from out from an external output as well

  2. I think you are misunderstanding me, I basically said the some thing as you.

    The bit I said that developers can look at the SDK is by installing it onto the devices and then using some sort of file manager for iOS and then finding those files. I do not know how to exploit the iOS root file system. There are very few people in the world who can.

    If he had discovered a failbreak, then the jailbreak development teams must know that he had and would probably have it.

  3. He needed a failbreak in order to write the files – which is pretty much what I said without explicitly mentioning failbreak, hence "somehow". Technically speaking he needed full read and write access to his phone also known as 777. Nobody has publicly detailed how to do this yet. I assume Hamza and Sonny D know.

    I don't know how to preform a failbreak, do you? Because if you do I would love some instructions. Developers cant just go around and change Apple's code (I know – I am a developer).

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