iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweaks: Virtual Home – Touch ID Tweak

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  1. this tweak unfortunately doesn't work with another fingerprint sensor tweak called BioProtect. BioProtect uses your fingerprint to lock individual apps. once BioProtect is activated by opening a locked app, Virtual Home deactivates. Virtual Home re-activates with a respring, but will deactivate all over again once BioProtect is used. so you either pick on or the other.

  2. iTweaks, I've also noticed that when unlocking from the lock screen, there is a time frame from the last initial use. For instance, if your trying to use the tweak after your device is in idle for at least 10 minuets, the tweak will not work. Now, if your on your device then close it and after two minuets has passed and you want to log in, the tweak works from the lock screen. Like super fast. A little weird, or buggy, but I guess its understandable if your back and forth on your device and need to log in quickly…

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