iOS 7 Battery Saving Tips

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Save battery life on iOS 7. Follow the three simple steps and that might just give you some more amount of battery you can always use.




  1. cellular data missing on my iphone 4s

    how can i restore it..

    i tried erasing all settings

    restore all settings

    eeven restore to ios twice

    not working

  2. No, it won't.

    Even if it did, do you think I would care? I'm running Beta 2 right now, and that was an over the air download. Each time a new beta is available, I will be able to download it. You can't deactivate the Beta across every device, only across every UDID. My phone isn't registered to one.

    You are completely wrong. Learn how to spell before you try and instruct others.

  3. Why His phone geht bricked he just can Download via OTA the second beta with no need to Register the Udid i know it because i have it and i know what im doing. and next time if you dont know what your saying keep your mouth shut.

  4. I know more then you dumbass go look it up when the ios 7 beta 2 comes out your phone is gonna get bricked since your UDID is not registered go look it up, its cause they stop beta 1 from working and activate beta 2

  5. Hey i have an idea why don't you just completely turn your phone off and not use it since the steps here are basically just making your phone an ipod….not hatting or anything just saying

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