iOS 12 Preview & Wishlist

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A gifted concept artist has posted this awesome mockup of their view of what iOS 12 should look like. Personally I am a fan of a lot of the new features that they’ve previewed and Apple should definitely take a look at these to see if they can make things happen. A lot of these features are features that we have been asking for but some are new ones that I have never seen requested. Please leave COMMENTS down below of your thoughts on this preview concept and also what you want to see most…


  1. I agree with a lot of your points, but simply not wanting certain features for the simple fact that Samsung/Android has it already is a little…. unnecessary.

    Like with the App Bar. That is a reach. But the Apple Watch has the on screen notification dots. It’s helpful. Adding customization to the colors would take it to another level.

  2. Speak for yourself. Don’t say people don’t want stuff. I want the notification dots, I want an app bar, I want guest mode, I want all the stuff on the list. IOS is so barebones compared to android.

  3. Why do not add a Picture in Picture in video calls so that you can leave the main app? The swipe in the apple keyboard and some commands in the clipboard such as translate, search on the web, what do you think about?

  4. Seriously, this is impossible (for removing app names on desktop). I use it to verify the multiple app names with the same icon.

    I feel the center Sound Bar should be retained. I liked it as it brings me memories of using iOS 7.

    IT'S IPHONE 10!

  5. I have app lock (biolock) for the electra jailbrake, i like it. It locks apps i want, and my friends now my passcodes but theres some apps i dont want em to go in (like my mf porn JK Jk but text messages) and its nice
    Most of these are jailbreak tweaks, its nice. It would be cool
    But many have said ios 12 would bring just fixes, since ios 11 is “trash”

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