iOS 11 on the iPad!

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iOS 11 is bringing many changes to the iPad. A new dock, drag and drop, Files app, and more make the iPad Pro much more capable.


  1. On the iPad Air, which is the oldest tab receiving the iOS 11, there's a lag, a major one, was wanting to buy a newer tab, but because of some monetary limitations of mine, I can't purchase an iPad Pro, have to buy the iPad 2017, the entry variant. I wanted to know if there's any lag on iOS 11 in that like it's on iPad Air. I saw some video which showed a lag in the beta version, don't know about the GM release later, there's no video for that iPad after that, or which specifically states that. It would be very helpful if someone mentioned and told me who is aware of it. My email is

  2. I just got a ipad its ios 11 it has a yellow home app when I clicked on it a white box came up and it has Loading accessories and scenes and the circle is going round and round like its loading something . Its been doing this fro a least a hour and its still going . how long does this usually take ? I can push the home button and go back to the home screen but when I click on the yellow home app it still loading . so I can do other things on the ipad so its not locked up or any thing .What is that yellow home app for ?

  3. Am I the only freaking person that uses Music on their iPad? I've been trying to find a video of what it looks like on iOS11 and NO ONE clicks on the music app. I want to know if it looks as terrible and small as iOS 10 or actually manageable like iOS 9 and below

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