iOS 11 First Settings to Change on your Device

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iOS 11 was released today which means a lot of you will be itching to update to the new OS. If you haven’t got a clue as to how to do that make sure to check out my video on how you can update to iOS 11. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the new OS here are the first five settings that I recommend changing. A lot of these settings will be used day to day so make sure to check out all of these options.

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  1. In ios 10 on the plus iphones we used to have in landscape mode a keyboard with multiple keys like paste and a lot other. In ios 11 iwe dont have them anymore. Shame… i will not in the future buy any apple product… Shame on this greedy company

  2. My 10.5 is not charging now iv updated nothing wrong with the charger as i have  another iPad which is charging okay trouble is I'm down to 10% now Apple could not put it right online today so got a take up the store

  3. I don’t know if you knew this…but Apple set Bluetooth and WiFi as permanently on in the background even if you switch them off from the new control centre- you now have to go into settings and switch them off properly if you don’t want the battery to drain before your eyes!

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