iOS 11 Dark Mode Review!

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iOS 11 Brings a New Dark Mode Setting That Looks Amazing. System Wide Night Mode Review in iOS 11 Beta 1.

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  1. I have a NJTransit app on my iPhone 6s and also my iPod Touch when I enabled it the bus driver didn't like it at all. but I like how apple is testing new features all the time. I wish that apple would fix the issue with the Phone section in settings because sometimes it lags out when Im trying  to have spam caller app installed on my iPhone.

  2. I spoke with Apple Support today about passcodes. I really don't need a passcode while at home, when I turn off passcode, iPhone 8+ stays on main screen – because without passcode, the screen stays ON.

    Let’s try resetting the settings on your device, this will not delete any personal information such as calendar, contacts, pictures, messages or any other data. This will delete your Wi-Fi settings, home screen layout, saved touch ID settings and passcode/restrictions.. You can do this by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings. It should be the first option.

    Whew! What??? No way I see that as a viable option, they could not explain WHY I had to follow their instructions – all to un-enable passcode. Can you help with this?


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