iOS 11 Beta 4 More New Features & Changes

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iOS 11 Beta 4 Follow up More New Changes & Features

iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak Coming for 32-bit Devices ?

Apple officially kills The iPod

Mirror Finish iPhone 8 Clone Unboxing & Hands On

iOS 11Beta 4 Vs Beta 3 Battery Test & Performance Test

iOS 11 Beta 4 is out What’s New…


  1. Does iOS 11 encode all your images and videos to the new formats? I don´t see the option in sttings to choose what format I wan´t to use and I saved 3gb when updating to iOS 11…

  2. No YouTuber mentioned this new interface when purchasing new app from the App Store.

    Try downloading any free app for the first time else buy a new app, a very cool interface comes up.

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